Mushroom Grower Hotline

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30 minute sessions


With William Padilla-Brown

3 weeks

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Mushroom Grower Hotline

w/ William Padilla-Brown

1 on 1






90 Minutes of Live 1 on 1

Enough to get you started or back on track with your project!

Experience with over 30 species

Master the art of growing a variety of mushrooms, from oyster mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms to lion's mane mushrooms and medicinal mushrooms.



Practical Mycology

Discover the secrets to troubleshooting common mushroom cultivation challenges, ensuring bountiful harvests

Create your own mushroom cultivation setup, whether it's a simple grow kit or a sophisticated home mushroom farm.



One Time Payment

**The Mushroom Grower Hotline: Your Gateway to Successful Mushroom Cultivation**

Embark on a rewarding journey to cultivate mushrooms, nature's edible marvels, with William Padilla-Brown, a seasoned mycologist and mushroom cultivation expert.





2 Month Payment Plan

 **Unleash the Power of Mushrooms**

Explore the fascinating world of mushrooms, delving into their biology, ecology, and diverse applications.

**Understand the fundamentals of mushroom cultivation, including substrate preparation, inoculation techniques, and environmental control.**